This past Tuesday, November 28th, The Relocation Company hosted an insightful information session on the IND Recognized Sponsorship. The purpose of this session was to shed light on the obligations of a recognized sponsor, as well as the advantages for both companies and expats in the global talent acquisition landscape.

For the session, our experts, Ilse Wilms-Floet and Nadine van Haaster, invited several companies we work closely with to share and educate them on the obligations and benefits of their status as a recognized sponsor. Benefits of this status include a streamlined visa application process, a shorter decision period, access to top global talent, and the facilitation of an efficient international recruitment process. “Companies that obtain IND-recognized sponsorship status position themselves to thrive in the competitive market by expediting their visa application procedures and tapping into a pool of skilled professionals worldwide.” Ilse, Operations Manager & Immigration Specialist explained.

“Here’s the exciting part for companies,” shared Nadine, Immigrations Team Lead. “Imagine a visa application process that’s not a bureaucratic process that drags on, but a smooth journey of 2- 4 weeks instead! – building and expanding their business. Getting access to the best global talent isn’t just a perk; it’s a strategic advantage in today’s competitive labor market.”

Nadine adds that expats benefit from the title Recognized Sponsor as well. “For expats, the benefits extend beyond just a streamlined process,” noted Nadine. “The security that a company has met the IND’s application requirements for recognized sponsorship status adds a layer of trust and confidence for expats considering opportunities with these organizations. Recognized sponsors have made a commitment not only to meet the required standards but also to actively support the growth and development of international talent within their ranks.”

The Relocation Company proudly leads the charge in fostering global collaboration and talent exchange. Through our engaging sessions on recognized sponsorship, we actively contribute to shaping a dynamic and interconnected global workforce. We are thrilled to assist our clients in achieving recognized sponsor status and we remain a valuable partner, guiding them through the complexities of the subsequent visa application process.

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