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The Brexit Impact

A lot has been said about the Brexit and all the consequences it might have. As a local relocation company, also known as Destination Services Provider (DSP), in The Netherlands we see the impact every day…

Why do companies move to Europe mainland and especially The Netherlands?

We see 4 main reasons:

  • Relocate activities from the UK to the EU Market
  • Expand existing activities in the Netherlands, downscaling in the UK
  • Set up European HQ to cover all of EU
  • Open EU office to serve EU

The Netherlands, being strategically located in the second largest market in the world, is an ideal entry point to serve the European market. With its multilingual and highly educated workforce, together with a well-connected airport and good public transport, The Netherlands is often preferred by many companies above other European cities.

According to the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, 100 companies have already moved to the Netherlands such as EMA (European Medicines Agency) probably being the most known, but also other big players in the Pharma, Financial Services, Media & Entertainment and NGO have set up office in The Netherlands. And there is more to come..

THE IMPACT for UK Citizens working in The Netherlands

Since the UK is not part anymore of the European Union all UK citizens working in The Netherlands require a visa and are treated as a Non-European citizen.

  • An employee who does not have an EU Nationality and who will work in the Netherlands, must be on the payroll of a Dutch company registered at the Dutch immigration office (IND) as a recognized sponsor (erkend referent). UK companies setting up a legal entity in The Netherlands must also get this status. If you don’t have this status yet and the new employee is critical for your workforce, we might have a solution that could work for you.
  • To be able to work in the Netherlands the non-EU highly skilled migrant needs a residence permit . The application for highly skilled migrant with the IND can take up to 3 months. From experience this application is often approved within 4 -6 weeks. However this is not guaranteed.

All good, but it comes with a lot of challenges for these companies and their staff.

Finding a good location for a new office, a smooth immigration process for their staff, a shortage on international schooling, not to mention the tight housing market, bank account, registration and tax related matters are just some of the hurdles that could cause a lot of frustrations.

Working with a local DSP could make all the difference for the employer, the employees and their family. It should be integrated into the whole onboarding process and instrumental in making the employee experience successful.

We at The Relocation Company are an established player in this industry and have assisted foreign employees with their move to the Netherlands since 2009. We also work with Global Relocators as their approved DSP in The Netherlands.

If you want to know more what is involved moving to The Netherlands, watch our movie below or just contact us.


In the video below we show you exactly which steps we go through to ensure that your expat can get started quickly for you.


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We had spent a long time figuring out which visa our foreign employee needed and what the application process entailed. We started the application ourselves, but unfortunately, we received a rejection. After we asked The Relocation Company to take over, they received an approval within 2 weeks. And he could start work immediately!

– Paul G., owner IT-Company.


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Do you wish to know more about the impact of the Brexit for your company? Of do you have another questions? Feel free to leave a message below, and we will contact you shortly!