Hiring an expat entails a lot of extra work. Outsource the relocation to us: we will save you a lot of time, energy and money, while allowing your new employee to hit the ground running upon his, or her, arrival.

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Swift Service


Payroll Possible


From A To Z


Swift Service


Payroll Possible


One relocation consultant for all your needs: that is our definition of accessible expat relocation services. Read how we can help you out. Feel free to contact us at any time!


By organizing flight tickets, pick-up from the airport and guidance through the formalities, we provide a friendly welcome to your expat.



We offer advice about the conditions of knowledge migration and arrange the applications for TeV, ICT and other visa. Continue reading.>


From social security number to the legalization of documents – read how we assist your employee in all registration related matters
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To hire a knowledge migrant, you will need to be a sponsor at the IND. Application pending or no intention to apply?
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We will find accommodation for your new employee – throughout the Netherlands and according to his or her wishes.
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Driver’s license conversion, children’s schools and language tuition: we assist your employee with these and other questions.


Expats often face extra expenses. That is why up to 30% of their salary is exempt from taxes.
Read how we help apply for this ruling >


We do not just look after your employee – we also assist his family with all the legal procedures to come to the Netherlands.



Is your employee leaving? Then rental contracts will need to be terminated, visa cancelled…don’t overlook anything, let us take care of it!

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Dutch government body (NVWA) preferred Destination service provider assisting around 100 families during their move to the Netherlands!

Crown Worldwide approved Destination Services Provider for The Netherlands!


Combine enthusiasm with years of relocation experience. Add agility and a personal approach to the mix and that’s us: The Relocation Company.

Congratulations! By hiring a highly skilled migrant, you have found the expert know-how you required. Or you have finally been able to fill that difficult-to-fill position. But are you prepared for the work that awaits you? The expat is in a foreign country and will require help to make arrangements. Settling in takes time and a lot of work will need to be carried out during working hours.

Fortunately, you are not alone in this: The Relocation Company can take the work off your hands. We have done so with great pleasure since 2009.

Our relocation services are characterized by:

  • Flexibility;
  • Quick response;
  • Personal contact: Both expat and employer will have one contact person;
  • Taking care of everything.

Our motto: Exceeds Expectations!

Everything is always taking care off, completely. We have nothing to worry about. By outsourcing the relocation we save a lot of time and trouble. And…the expats are very happy!
Richard H. HR manager of international food company.


In the video below we show you exactly which steps we go through to ensure that your expat can get started quickly for you.


Would you like to learn more about our expat relocation services?

TRC always quickly attends to our requests for assistance in finding housing for our foreign employees in the Netherlands, in obtaining the proper immigration papers, etc. They have the experience and know-how to respond to developments with regard to international relocations. Cooperation is pleasant and we recommend TRC if you are looking to have the relocation work taken off your hands.
Johan K., recruiter at a technical recruitment agency.


Over the years we have relocated thousands of people. Many companies are returning clients, thanks to their employees’ testimonials. This is what they say about The Relocation Company:


At first my biggest concern was the processing of my Work Permit and other necessary documents. From the start, I have a good contact with The Relocation Company and they arranged everything for me including my work visa and flight tickets and even arrange a fully furnished apartment 2 months before I arrived. I didn’t have to do much for myself and all I have to focus on was my new job and getting settled in a new country.


When I got into airport, 1 of the consultants picked me up from airport and gave me a welcoming package, and took me to health check-up, then took me to house which they had furnished for me, in addition, she gave me some bus ticket and told me how to get to the office I would work in. Plus, they helped me apply for 30% tax rules. I really appreciate everything they have done for me. […] I can work here without things I would be worry about at all.


Relocation in all of aspects can be very complex. But this can also be as methodical and smooth depending on who’s on top of it, as what I experienced with the Relocation Company. With their services ranging from visa application, finding housing that suits your preference, flight arrangement, airport arrival, residence permit pre-requisites and application, health insurance and 30% ruling. You can be assured of professional and personal assistance at any time.


The Relocation Company has helped us in our search for an apartment and more importantly: they carried out all the work regarding the obtaining of a work and residence permit. They even picked us up from the airport! They arranged pretty much everything, so that we could relocate to the Netherlands, without having to worry about anything. Our experience in the Netherlands so far has been great: we are very grateful to TRC for the unconditional support.

Would you like to learn more about our expat relocation services?

We would like to thank you for all your efforts and help. The no-nonsense mentality is consistent with our company and therefore, communication was very pleasant. We have outsourced the entire relocation with peace of mind. The Japanese expats are pleased and the pace with which you made arrangements turned this into a successful collaboration.
Linda F., Retailer


As a relocation company, we know exactly what is going on with regard to international relocations. And we happily share our knowledge with you. Have you got any questions? Feel free to contact us at any time.
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