It was hard to miss, the recent months (and still ongoing) COVID-19 has had an impact on everyone. This applies to the number of highly skilled migrants who came to the Netherlands for their new jobs.
In March, the effect became visible in the entire relocation industry, as it was impossible for highly skilled migrants to travel to the Netherlands. This often had to do with the travel restrictions both countries had implemented.
Since the relaxation of travel restrictions and the restart of international flight traffic, more highly skilled migrants are allowed to travel to the Netherlands again. Most assignees have arrived in the Netherlands by now, who were not able to come at first.

In the current period, both employers and employees are asked to be flexible and creative with the new 1.5 meter society and the possibilities of working from home. Working from home poses a challenge as it is important that highly skilled migrants have good onboarding. Good onboarding contributes to feeling at home in the Netherlands faster, reducing the chance that they will leave on short term.

Currently, our experience is that on average more companies apply for the status as “recognized sponsor” at the IND (Immigration and Naturalization Service), so that they can hire highly skilled migrants in the near future. The process to become a recognized sponsor can take a couple of months and after approval the status is valid indefinitely. In this way, the newly recognized companies are already anticipating on the (near) future. As soon as their scarcity of knowledge starts to play up (again), they can immediately act and hire highly skilled migrants.

Do you want to be prepared for the future?
The Relocation Company can arrange the application for you as a recognized sponsor and later on for the highly skilled migrants. Feel free to contact us for more information:
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