Research has shown that one of the most stressful events in a person’s life is moving your household goods. Even worse is an international move.

We, a Dutch Destination Services Provider, often are asked how to prepare for such a move and if we do have any practical tips. Below we share some insights what is involved when moving your personal belongings.

When moving to The Netherlands you might have different options depending on which country you come from. Your goods might be transported via air, road, or sea, which has an impact on the price and the timeframe for delivery. Other aspects include packing materials and labor costs if they do the packing, loading, and shipping to the place of departure, clearing of customs at destinations, and the final delivery. Obviously, the amount of goods you want to bring and if you need temporary storage will also affect the final price.

When deciding on your preferred moving company we always advice to ask for references or testimonials from past clients, the ability to track your goods/container, and the various insurance options offered.

There is some good news! You could make use of an independent moving advisor. Based on your needs you’ll receive a free price indication and four quotes from qualified removal companies.
This will save you time and money!