When you or one of your family members falls ill in the Netherlands this can be very stressful and many questions arise about where to go and how to deal with the situation. Therefore this issue focuses on the Dutch health care and medical system. We have selected a number of relevant topics to help you familiarize with the Dutch health care system.
Health care in the Netherlands is of a high standard and health insurance is mandatory. When living in the Netherlands or paying income tax in the Netherlands expats must purchase a health insurance package from a Dutch insurance company, which have the same basic package. The basic insurance covers standard care such as general practitioner, hospital and most pharmacy. Everyone in the Netherlands has an own risk with a minimum of €385. These amounts change yearly. You should expect to pay circa €110 per month for a basic health insurance. Children under the age of 18 are covered by the insurance of their parents.
Additional (optional) coverage is available as well, which gives you a larger, not necessarily better, choice of physicians and specialists and upgraded hospital accommodation. By having additional coverage you are covered for more medical problems. The health insurer can advise you on which package best suits you or your family. The Relocation Company can provide further information and assist with the application.