France has the Cote d’Azure, Spain has the Costa del Sol, Portugal has the Alvarve and Turkey has the Turkish Riviera. What about the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is known as a water country and has a coastline of 523 kilometers. Yet the Dutch coast is only really known by the Dutch and German people. This is because the Netherlands does not have many famous seaside resorts.

Hereby a few tips about the best and most famous beaches in the Netherlands.

  • In Bloemendaal you have several clubs, where beach parties are organized on muggy summer evenings and every Sunday in the summer. This is very nice and is always crowded.
  • Zandvoort aan Zee is one of the famous beaches. In the summer it’s always incredibly busy, mainly because Zandvoort is the only beach in the Netherlands with a train station.
  • Scheveningen is also a famous place. This place belongs to the municipality of The Hague and can be reached by tram. Scheveningen is the only beach in the Netherlands with a pier and a Ferris wheel.
  • Bergen aan Zee, Egmond aan Zee, Noordwijk aan Zee and Katwijk aan Zee are also well-known beaches but are mostly visited by the locals.
  • If you like more private and rest you should visit the beaches of the Wadden Islands or the beaches of the province of Zeeland, such as the beaches of Ameland or Breezand. At the beaches of Petten and Hargen you have the entire empire alone.
  • In the Netherlands you should not be shocked if you have gone a bit too far. The more you avoid the crowds and the farther you walk, the earlier you can end up on nudist beaches. If you like to make use of this, you can go to the beaches of Bakkum, Schoorl, Kijkduin or Neeltje Jans.

The dunes are sacred in the Netherlands. This natural phenomenon is very important because the Netherlands is half below sea level. This means that if the dunes are damaged and can no longer do their work when this is necessary if the water level rises, the Netherlands will be flooded by half.

It is possible to visit these dune areas in the Netherlands. You can take beautiful walks here.

In the Dutch coastal towns are many apartment complexes, B & Bs and hotels where you can spend the night. If you have the option, this is definitely recommended!