In 2004, the Netherlands is made happy with a new dating program on television.
It is something that fits perfectly with the Netherlands: Single peasants looking for their ideal partner.

Peasant seeks for woman is broadcasted every year on the ‘’Nederland 1’’ on the television and is every year different.
Viewers are introduced to ten peasants and then they get the chance to write letters to the peasant or peasant woman they are interested in. A few months later the season continues. In the second episode you can see who gets the most letters. The 5 participants with the most letters will be followed in the following months. There will be an episode in which they can choose 10 participants for a speed date. Afterwards, 5 participants are selected for a group date. After this group date, 3 participants may come to the farm for a week.
In the 3rd season (2007) the first peasant woman participates in the program, in the 5th season (2010) three brothers participate, in the 6th season (2012) a homosexual farmer participates for the first time.
The 7th and 9th season took place abroad. Five Dutch peasants, who lived and worked abroad, participated in this. In the 8th season, a search was started for a lesbian peasant woman for the first time. Peasant Tom achieved a record this year: of the 2388 letters that were written, there were around 1800 letters for him.
Every year the peasants and the candidates create hilarious and sometimes a little awkward moment on television. This is probably also the secret of the average viewing figures of 5 million viewers per episode per year.
The peasant seeks for woman ‘’Family’’ has grown into a very large group. From the first ten seasons Peasant seeks for Woman; 68 babies were born, and dozens of marriages were concluded. Of the 92 peasants who participated, 76 are happy in love!
Most Dutch people hope to be able to watch this program with a cup of tea on the couch every Sunday for a few more years. Because after 15 years this is still a great success!
The new episode of season 11 starts on the 23rd of February and will be broadcasted on chanel 1/ ‘Nederland 1′