There are more airports and airfields in the Netherlands than you would expect. Not every airport offers the same options. Some airports are focused on only national flights or, for example, only recreational flying.

Schiphol is by far the largest airport in the Netherlands, in terms of both passenger and freight transport. It is also one of the most important airports in Europe. The airport is located in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer in the south of the province of North Holland and is located approximately 15 kilometers southwest of Amsterdam. The airport is owned by the Koninklijke Schiphol Group, whose shareholders are the Dutch State, the municipalities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam, and Groupe ADP.

Eindhoven Air Base, or Eindhoven Airport, is located on the west side of Eindhoven, between Best and Veldhoven. It was originally a civil airfield that was transferred as an air base to the Royal Netherlands Air Force after the Second World War. The airport is partly used by civil aviation. Eindhoven Airport is part of the Schiphol Group. Eindhoven Airport is the largest regional airport in the Netherlands.

Rotterdam The Hague Airport is a passenger airport for scheduled flights, charter flights and business flights. Occasionally a cargo flight takes place. The airport is also served by government flights. Rotterdam The Hague Airport is well on its way to becoming the second largest regional airport. Rotterdam The Hague Airport is also owned by the Schiphol Group.