For companies in the Netherlands looking to attract talent from abroad, a relocation and immigration partner is key to unlocking successful international recruitment.

Over the past decade, we have collaborated with clients across various industries and seen firsthand how providing comprehensive support to international hires ensures their immediate and long-term success. By partnering with a relocation and immigration expert, employers can easily navigate legal immigration requirements and manage the practical aspects of relocating new hires. As an added benefit, offering potential recruits a comprehensive relocation package gives companies a competitive edge in the international recruitment market.

Relocation and immigration support not only attract talent but also streamline the hiring process from vacancy to start date for both candidate and employer.

The Netherlands offers benefits to skilled professionals to assist companies in attracting international talent. Accessing these benefits requires compliance with numerous regulations and processes. To efficiently navigate these processes insight is needed into Recognized Sponsorship, Highly Skilled Migrant Visa requirements for different countries, and the application process and benefits of the 30% tax ruling. Not to mention the Dutch residency requirements, the healthcare system, or the housing market. The maximum benefit and efficiency in the process can best be achieved by an expert in each avenue.  

Even with all the benefits the Netherlands has to offer the prospect of relocating to a new country can still be daunting. Recruits may worry about moving to a new country, finding a place to live, and handling immigration paperwork. At The Relocation Company, we assist with all these issues, making the process easier for both employers and employees. Our knowledge and assistance provide reassurance, reduce stress and ensure a smooth transition.


Benefits for Employers

Overcoming Barriers: Moving to a new country is a significant life event that comes with a host of challenges. By offering relocation and immigration support, companies alleviate the logistical burdens associated with international relocation, making the prospect of moving abroad more feasible and appealing for prospective candidates. This removes a significant barrier to entry for talented individuals who may otherwise be hesitant to pursue opportunities overseas.


Ensure Compliance with Immigration Regulations: Hiring a highly skilled migrant brings with it regulations and requirements for the Dutch Immigration Department. Employers may inadvertently break employment laws regarding resident permits, working hours, contracts, and benefits without expert guidance, exposing themselves and their employees to serious consequences. 

The Relocation Company has been unlocking the global talent market for companies in the Netherlands for over 10 years. We have expertise in all the processes, legislative requirements and nuances of international relocation for highly skilled talent. By partnering with us our clients streamline their international hiring process, become more appealing to top talent and gain an advantage in the global job market.

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