We have listed nine common Dutch words that can come across as funny when you first move to the Netherlands. Dutch should not be translated literally or you will end up with lots of funny Dutch words that are just lost in translation.
1. Apetrots
The literally meaning of this word is “I am monkey proud of you”, however the correct translation must be “I am really proud of you”.

2. Boterham
Literally translated as “butter ham” but it means a slice of bread.

3. Patatje oorlog
The literally meaning of this word is “war fries”. This means French fries served with peanut sauce, mayonnaise and chunks of raw union.

4. Oorbellen
Literally translated as “ear bells” which means earrings.

5. Schoonmoeder
The literal translation is “clean mother” which means mother-in-law.

6. Buitenbeentje
Literally translated as “a small outside leg”. The meaning should be misfit.

7. Een bakkie troost
Literally a “little cup of comfort”, but it means a cup of coffee

8. Stofzuiger
The literal translation is “dust sucker”

9. Kippenvel
The literally meaning of this word is “chicken skin”, however it means goosebumps.