The COVID-19 virus has mutated, and this new variant has already emerged in several countries, such as the Netherlands, South Africa and the United Kingdom.
This mutated virus appears to be more difficult to detect and it spreads faster and easier. Therefore, the Dutch government has imposed a flight ban for air traffic with passengers from the United Kingdom and South Africa. If travelers from the United Kingdom can show a negative COVID test this rule does not apply. Furthermore, trains and ferries with persons from the United Kingdom are not allowed to arrive in the Netherlands until the 1st of January 2021.

We explain what the consequences are for expats from the United Kingdom that were planning to come over before the end of the year. The Brexit will change the rights to live and work freely in the Netherlands for British people after the 31st of December.
A residence permit is required from the 1st of January. The application for this residence permit must be submitted before December 31st, provided that the expat is registered in the Netherlands as the BSN (social security number) is required for the application. The BSN is issued after registration with the municipality.

The Netherlands does not allow persons from the United Kingdom which has major consequences for employees who would arrive in the last weeks of December to subsequently submit their application to the IND (Immigration and Naturalization Service). This means that these group will have to submit an application before they can enter the Netherlands legally and must meet the (salary) requirements. Highly skilled migrants from the United Kingdom do not need an MVV-sticker to travel to the Netherlands.