The Netherlands is known for clogs, cheese, windmills, stroopwafels and the tulip. But what is the origin of this flower and is it a Dutch product?

While tulips may be very popular in the Netherlands, it must be noted that they didn’t originate in these parts. They are believed to have originated from Central Asia. Ultimately, the tulip ended up in the Ottoman Empire (nowadays Turkey), where the tulip was further spread to the Netherlands.
In the Golden Age, the prices of tulip bulbs reached extreme heights. Soon a tulip bulb was worth more than an average salary!
Nowadays, tulip bulbs are no longer extremely expensive. They are for sale in many places and you see them everywhere.

Almost half of all bulb fields are full of tulips. The Netherlands is therefore one of the most important export countries in the field of tulips and tulip bulbs.
Traditionally, an exhibition of millions of tulips and other flowers is made in the Keukenhof in spring, which is mainly visited by tourists. Also, many tourists visit the many tulip fields in the Lisse area.
One of the things the Dutch are ridiculously proud at!