Transferring money to The Netherlands

When you are moving to the Netherlands, you may need to transfer money internationally.

We receive a lot of questions about transferring money and foreign exchange. Banks charge a hefty fee, and their rates are not great. Clients ask us if we know of good company that can help with currency transfers and foreign exchange. Our trusted Partner, Halo Financial is a Foreign Exchange Specialist who can assist you with transferring your money to The Netherlands or transferring money home. You can transfer your money before or after arrival in the Netherlands. Halo can also assist with opening bank accounts in The Netherlands.

As a safe and secure alternative to using your bank to transfer your money, Halo Financial can help with all your foreign currency requirements. If you need to pay for the accommodation up front ahead of your move, or perhaps you want to pre-purchase a car, Halo’s friendly team can save you time and money with their great exchange rates and service.

Halo Financial offers you:
– Fantastic exchange rates
– Quick and easy transfers
– Award-winning, outstanding service, helping you make a plan to get the best exchange rate in your time frame
– A range of currency transfer solutions such as locking in exchange rates for a specified time frame, spot, stop loss and more
– Safe and secure (FCA authorised)
– Your own dedicated currency specialist
– Worldwide currencies available
– Ability to do currency transfers or make international payments online 24 hours a day/7 days a week through Halo Online, once your account is active.

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