The Dutch weather is one of the most popular topics of conversation in the Netherlands. Often these are not really substantive discussions, but more chit chat, or just complaining. “It’s cold today, isn’t it?” “Yes, very cold, especially that wind makes it so cold” is something you will hear a few times per day.

Nowhere in the world is there so much talk about the weather as in the Netherlands. The weather apps such as ‘Buienradar’ are also one of the most downloaded apps in the Netherlands. The weather is constantly changing and apparently this makes us so curious about what’s to come, so we can respond to it.

In countries where the climate is more stable and the weather is often the same, it is much less of a topic of conversation, because people know where they stand. So, then you don’t have to question whether you should wear a rain jacket on the bike today, bring an umbrella or pack your sunglasses and sunscreen.