A season is an annually returning period of 3 months. A year has 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. The spring is seen as the start of the new season, where everything is in bloom. Summer is often the hottest. However, as we live in the Netherlands there is always a chance of rain. With autumn, the outside colors change from fresh green to golden yellow and reddish brown. Most trees drop their leaves and the temperature decreases. In the autumn, in addition to rain, there is also a chance of hail and sleet. During the winter season it is the coldest in the Netherlands. It is dark early in the evening and late light in the morning. But winter also has an advantage: A lot of chance of snow! 

  • Spring: March 21 to June 20
  • Summer: June 21 to September 20
  • Autumn: September 21 to September 20
  • Winter: December 21 to March 20

The Netherlands has summer and winter times. With daylight saving time the clocks go forward one hour and this happens on the last weekend of March. With wintertime the clocks go back exactly one hour, this happens on the last weekend of October. This happens in the weekend from Saturday to Sunday around 02:00.