The birthday of King Willem Alexander is celebrated each year on the 27th of April. Kings day is an official public holiday, but always check this with your employer. It is celebrated throughout the whole country with parties, street markets, concerts and special events while the Dutch are all dressed in orange and wear funny orange accessories. It can be seen as the biggest street party of the year, which you cannot miss! Each year the royal family visits a different location in the Netherlands where they will be entertained by performances throughout the city. This year they will visit the city of Amersfoort. This can be followed live on television or you can attend the festivity.
Most people will visit a big city in the Netherlands to celebrate. As most festivities get very busy but it is wise to check your transportation options in getting there and back. If this will be your first Kings day, we advise you to buy something orange and blend in with the crowd to celebrate this amazing day!