Finding a place to live in the Netherlands can be a real challenge, especially in the big cities. However, with research and the right advice, you can find your perfect home in the fast Dutch housing market. When searching for accommodation, there are three possibilities: public housing, private rentals and buying properties. The most likely option for an expat is to rent via private rental as public housing requires documentation, which cannot be handed over by an expat. Furthermore, buying a property could be an option as well, however this process can take up to months and therefore it is advised to start renting a property first.
When renting a property, you must consider that:
– Minimum rental periods are normally 12 months;
– Rental prices are excluding GWE, Telecom and local taxes;
– You must pay one month of rent and one or two months of deposit before the key hand over;
– You need to take into account that an administration fee is requested.