The first school holidays are already underway, and the first holiday is also sooner than you think. Most holidays did not take place in the Netherlands at the same time, but are staggered into three regions, north, middle, and south. This means that for example the summer holidays will start and end at a different date for each of the three groups. The usual holidays are autumn break (October), Christmas (two weeks during December and January), spring break (one week in February), May (one week), and summer (six weeks in July and August).

In addition, there is also a mandatory holiday for construction workers in the Netherlands. This holiday is also divided into north, middle and south and is called the ‘bouwvak’. This vacation lasts 3 weeks and employees often take (compulsory) vacation during this period.

Below an overview of the holidays and public holidays:
New Year’s Day:
1st of January
Good Friday:
2nd of April
4th and 5th of April
King’s Day:
27th of April
Liberation Day:
5th of May
Ascension Day:
13th of May
23rd and 24th of May
25th and 26th of December