Dutch summertime officially starts at 2 am on Sunday 28 March, when the clocks go forward 1 hour to 3 am. Many devices automatically switch to summertime. It’s called “Summertime” or Daylight Saving time (DST).

CET is 1 hour ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). During the summer period most Western European countries change the clock 1 hour so that we run 2 hours ahead on UTC. It’s called “Summertime” or Daylight Saving time (DST).

The change of winter and summer time has been under discussion for years. In recent years, this discussion has been increasingly conducted on European level. The European Parliament has voted to abolish clock movements. However, it is difficult to get all member states to vote the same.

Many countries, just like the Netherlands, use the 24-hour format. While most English-speaking countries are used to the 12-hour format (AM / PM) in which the day is divided into two half-days.