If you are planning to bring a pet to the Netherlands, you will need to plan this well in advance and take care of several procedures. This information applies to cats, dogs and other small animals. If you are coming from the EU, your pet should enter with an EU Pet Passport. Also, if you plan to travel to other countries within the EU with your pet, or transfer through another European airport on your way to the Netherlands, you will need to get an EU Pet Passport to avoid quarantine restrictions in some countries. If coming from a country which is not part of the EU, you should obtain a Veterinary Certificate issued or endorsed by a veterinarian in your originating country. This will prove that your animal was vaccinated against several illnesses and at least 30 days before entry and not more than one year ago. Some rental properties will not allow pets. Make sure to check on this if you are bringing a pet to the Netherlands.

A good website in English to find information on importing your pet is www.amsterdam.angloinfo.com.